About Us

One Idea.
One Vision.

Actively engage our next generation of youth (we’re all youth at heart!) with traditional Islamic knowledge that inspires towards virtuous actions and character.

Our goal is to instill the love of Allah, exalted be He, and the love of our Beloved Messenger Muhammad, peace and salutations be upon him, in the hearts of kids, teens, adults, men and women.

Islamic knowledge is essential for every Muslim. But without a nurturing environment, you can only achieve so much.

That’s why QUL stands for: Quest for Understanding and Living. And when we were thinking about what name to give this college, QUL stood out loud and clear as it linked back to the short and wise sayings of our Beloved Messenger, peace be upon him:

“qul amantu billah thumma istaqim”

“Say: I believe in Allah, then be steadfast.” (Reported by Muslim)

To gain firm belief (iman) in Allah, you need knowledge.

To gain knowledge, you need to exert effort to aquire beneficial Islamic knowledge.

To gain beneficial Islamic knowledge, a nurturing and supportive environment will encourage you.

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