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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you called QUL College?

2 reasons! Based on the response of our beloved Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, to a companion: “qul āmantu billah thumma istaqim” (say, I believe in Allah, then be steadfast”

And QUL stands for: Quest for Understanding and Living

Do you only offer online Islamic courses?

Our focus for the last 4 years has been in person, face to face classes, with children and youth. Since so many people have been asking (from around the world) to attend our classes, it seemed like a good thing to provide the opportunity for people like you and your family to still benefit from the ultimate Islamic learning experience at QUL College – from the comfort of your own home (and timezone!).

Do I need to know Arabic to understand traditional Islamic knowledge?

Of course not! Islam is for everyone, of any language. And at the moment at QUL College we are dedicated to offering traditional Islamic knowledge in an engaging style through the medium of the English language. We remember growing up as teenagers and there weren’t many Islamic courses in easy to understand english.

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